17 April 2008

(Re)new(ed) blog

Welcome to my (re)new(ed) blog!

I deleted my old blog in order to start fresh. This new version will only have "nerdy" posts -- i.e., about the sciences or related recreational interests. I will spawn off different blog(s) for other topics, in particular, about music, religion, and politics.


John said...

Be sure to keep me posted on where all you spawn off to. I think it's a good idea, altogether, although I hope you archived the old stuff.

HilbertAstronaut said...

I did actually archive the old stuff, though it's in a wonky format that will be hard to repost quickly. Once I get the chance, I'll save the good discussion threads and post them in another blog.

The main reason for the purging was that I realized that I was starting to wax political on a touchy topic and that I should shut my trap before (a) saying something ill-informed or (b) annoying the wrong people. So I did a clean sweep and, once I get the chance, I'll work on fixing (a) above. (Of course, the Tubes Save All, but hopefully smart people realize that only current material counts ;-) .)